Moving Company Reviews: Mac’s Moving, Louisville, KY

    Since you last moved, there are some new options to consider when choosing a vendor to transport your possessions to your new home. One of them is a family owned company named Mac’s Moving of Louisville, Kentucky. Mac’s is owned by Debbie and Chase Taylor. Mac’s Moving capabilities: Mac’s Moving is exclusively […]

Steps Involved in Buying a Home – Part 1.

  The primary steps in buying a home are listed below.  ·        Getting preapproved for a mortgage; ·         Finding an experienced Realtor; ·         Searching for your home; ·        Conducting due diligence; ·        Writing an offer; ·        Negotiating the contract; ·        Conducting inspections and requesting repairs; ·        Inspecting the repairs; ·        Navigating the lender’s appraisal; ·        […]

Consumer Finance Protection Bureau – New Mortgage Lending Standards

Today, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) issued the final rules designed to strengthen consumer protections for “high cost” mortgages. Here’s the link.   The CFPB designates non-high cost mortgages as “qualified mortgages.” The CFPB has offered lenders two ways of assuring a loan is a qualified mortgage. A loan will be judged as […]

Consumer Finance Protection Bureau – Preview of New Home Lending Standards

As reported in the January 8, 2013 edition of The Wall Street Journal, the new federal Consumer Finance Protection Bureau is expected to issue new home-lending rules this week. The purpose of the new rules will be to prevent future real estate bubbles and outlaw the somewhat exotic loan products that some blame for the […]

HARP Update

  Update on Refinancing Underwater Mortgages under HARP. The initial “Home Affordable Refinance Program” (HARP) has been changed, since my last post on this subject. Changes have been made to allow more borrowers to refinance their mortgage, regardless of the loan-to-value ratio, for fixed rate loans, and with less paperwork.   General Eligibility Requirements: 1. […]

How to De Clutter.

  Sooner or later you and I and everyone else will need to decide how to intelligently de clutter and thereby downsize our possessions. This task is especially difficult, if you have inherited antiques or other items, which may have significant value. In some instances, older furniture, paintings, jewelry, silverware, china, collectibles and certain memorabilia […]

How To Save Money on Your HVAC Systems.

  When you own your own home, one significant potential expense is the repair or replacement of your furnace and/or air conditioning systems. Fortunately, these systems typically last at least 12 – 15 years; however, with some TLC they can last much longer.   The “Clean & Check:” The most cost effective way to extend […]

Benefits of Home Downsizing and Obtaining Your New Mortgage.

  This is the first of a series of guest blog posts by Sameer Aziz. Sameer is a Home Mortgage Consultant with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. Are you considering downsizing?  Right now could be the best time for you to make the move.  With the housing market turning recently, home sales are increasing month by month.  This […]

Landlords, Tenants & Methamphetamine

Within the last 6 months, I listed and sold an upscale property that had been a “Meth” house. In other words, the owner had created methamphetamine in the home. Before it could be listed, the home had to be decontaminated by a state certified contractor. The home was rated to have sustained a Tier 1 […]

Thoughts About the Housing Market’s Muted Recovery

It’s unlikely the private sector will expand their hiring, until there’s more clarity on Obamacare, tax rates, additional regulations and the slowing economies in Europe and Asia. The world economy is in a precarious state and most everyone is staying conservative, including potential home buyers and sellers. The pending increase in tax rates scheduled for […]