Refinancing Your Home & Useful Tips (part 2)

  The Wall Street Journal continues to be the most educational newspaper available worldwide. For example, Ruth Simon’s article entitled “Getting the Best Refinance Deal,” which was published last Saturday in the Weekend Investor section, is simply too informative to not summarize for those not lucky enough to have a subscription. Possibilities For “Under Water” […]

Refinancing Your Home: Current Issues and Useful Tips (part 1)

  Today’s mortgage rates are at or near historic lows and represent a great opportunity for many homeowners to lower their monthly payments by refinancing the principal balance of their mortgage.  Before making any final decisions, please consider the following three issues. 1. Refinancing will involve closing costs that will vary in size based upon […]

Landlords, Tenants & Methamphetamine

Within the last 6 months, I listed and sold an upscale property that had been a “Meth” house. In other words, the owner had created methamphetamine in the home. Before it could be listed, the home had to be decontaminated by a state certified contractor. The home was rated to have sustained a Tier 1 […]

FHA Insured Mortgages & Minimum Habitability Standards

  Today’s Mortgage Market and How It Has Changed Currently, home buyers have far fewer types of mortgage products from which to choose, as compared to just two or three years ago. This reduction in choice is reflective of the increased federal regulations, which occurred soon after the subprime bust and the collapse of the […]

Selling Your Home? Here’s How To Prepare The Inside.

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Tips On How Downsize Your Possessions.

Moving to a smaller home?  Here’s how to downsize your possessions and avoid having to make hasty, last minute decisions about what goes and what doesn’t.   Just about everyone will eventually need to move into a smaller home. While it may seem easy, it isn’t. If you’re like everyone else, you’ve accumulated all kinds […]

The Anatomy of a Short Sale

The Anatomy of a Short Sale   The following story is a true account of a short sale transaction in which I was both the listing and buyer’s agent. While every short sale  is not a nightmare, my experience is offered as an example of what can occur. Buyers should also be aware of the […]