How to De Clutter.


Small home on Oostmeers St. Bruges, Belgium

Sooner or later you and I and everyone else will need to decide how to intelligently de clutter and thereby downsize our possessions. This task is especially difficult, if you have inherited antiques or other items, which may have significant value. In some instances, older furniture, paintings, jewelry, silverware, china, collectibles and certain memorabilia may be worth much more than you think. Should you choose to sell these items, you are going to need help with determining values, marketing and advertising.


If you find yourself in just such a quandary, you may want to contact the Estate Exchange of Louisville, KY. This entity has been managing all aspects of estate sales for more nearly thirty years. They are known in the community and run successful sales, due to their targeted advertising and faithful following of antique dealers and collectors. They price every item individually, unlike some auctions, which may sell some items in “boxed lots.” For a free consultation call Katie Speiden at 502.244.1644.

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