How To Save Money on Your HVAC Systems.


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When you own your own home, one significant potential expense is the repair or replacement of your furnace and/or air conditioning systems. Fortunately, these systems typically last at least 12 – 15 years; however, with some TLC they can last much longer.

The “Clean & Check:”

The most cost effective way to extend their life is to team with a reputable HVAC company and have them “clean and check” your furnace and air conditioning system in the fall and spring, respectively. The annual cost of a bi-annual service agreement, based upon conversations with 3 different HVAC companies, ranged from $144 to $210, assuming your home has a single HVAC system. If you have a service contract in place, you receive additional benefits. 1.) Two of the three companies also offered discounts on parts (usually 10%) and labor. 2.) Two of the companies charged only their normal weekday hourly rate, even if your service call required work to be done on a weekend or after 5:00 pm. 3.) One company offered a discount for a multi-year contract. For example, one company offers a 5.3% discount for a 2 year contract. 4.) One company charged only $19.95 for a diagnostic check and another charged $179. A few also offer a discount if your home has more than one HVAC system. (Please understand that if you only have a furnace and no central a/c, the cost is less, since only one clean & check will be necessary.)

 Principal Benefits:

The most often cited benefits are listed below.

1. Improved efficiency and the resulting lower operating costs.

2. Extended life of equipment.

3. Improved safety.

Here are a few links which address this topic.


Air Conditioners:

If you want to try to do the work yourself, here’s a link to maintaining your furnace.

Here’s a link to an excellent, detailed and thorough article by Jen Reviews on how to choose an air conditioner.

My current HVAC system is 22 years old. I’ve had them covered with a bi-annual maintenance contract from the beginning. Thus far, I’ve only had to replace the a/c coil. The service technician has told me they run fine and should last for many more years.

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