Moving Company Certifications: What are the AMSA and the ProMover certification?

As a realtor, I am occasionally asked to recommend a moving company. Since I haven’t moved in quite some time, I can only recommend the one or two local movers that I’ve employed in the past. It has been a while, however, and since employees come and go with increasing frequency, I really don’t know who currently is consistently good and who isn’t. In an effort to determine who I should be recommending, I have decided to blog about some of the certifications that are offered in the moving industry. Hopefully, this information will help you in deciding whom to interview and ultimately choose.

The American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA) is a non-profit trade association established in 1936. AMSA has an education foundation and it also administers the ProMover certification program, the symbol of a reputable licensed moving company. AMSA membership includes more than 4,100 professional movers who move household goods interstate. In addition, these companies may provide intrastate and local moving services as well as storage in a secure warehouse. Http:// The AMSA also administers several professional certifications for specialists, including Certified Moving Consultant (CMC) and Certified Office & Industrial Consultant (COIC) for sales and marketing associates; Certified Packer/Loader (CPL); and Registered International Mover (RIM).

The purpose of the ProMover program is to promote ethical principles in the moving and storage industry and work with federal and state governments to mitigate unethical moving practices. It strives to clearly separate the professional movers from rogue operators posing as legitimate movers. Furthermore, this program aids consumers by providing an identifiable measure of quality while, at the same time, enhancing the moving industry by encouraging and recognizing high professional achievement. To qualify as a ProMover, movers must pass a rigorous review of professional business standards. In addition, each mover must execute a Signatory Agreement affirming that they agree to uphold AMSA’s Code of Ethics and bylaws, to use/display any AMSA logo, including the ProMover logo, in a professional manner, and to observe all FMCSA/STB consumer regulations. The AMSA’s code of ethics can be found at this link.

However, given that the AMSA is only a trade association, it lacks the authority to order refunds or reimbursements for damages, force a settlement or to demand any type of compensatory payment from your mover. Although our ProMover members have agreed to meet our standards, participation in the ProMover program does not represent a guarantee by AMSA of their performance; however, we do routinely remove movers from our membership that no longer meet our standards.

In conclusion, as with any certification, the ProMover designation doesn’t guarantee quality; however, it should be considered as a means of winnowing down a long list of potential movers you might be considering for an interstate move. Here’s the link to the alphabetical list of ProMovers.

Protest Yourself by Always Conducting Due Diligence on Your Interstate Mover: Always check the following links to ensure your interstate carrier is licensed and registered with USDOT.   and

Please add your comments regarding any direct experience you may have had with a certified ProMover. Thanks!

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