Moving Company Reviews: A. Arnold World Class Relocation Louisville, KY

A. Arnold’s Capabilities: Louisville has been the headquarters of A. Arnold since 1905 and their residential movers are proud to be the oldest and largest moving company in the Louisville area. Arnold World Class Relocation (“AAWCR”) is the only local, nationwide and international mover located in Louisville, who is also a AMSA certified ProMover.  Learn more about the ProMover certification at this link.

The AAWCR website is very useful, easy to navigate and thorough. It includes many useful moving tips.

According to AAWCR’s very knowledgeable sales manager, Jackie Howard, AAWCR has about 50 moving vans, which range from 53 footers to smaller trucks for local moves. AAWCR offers a full range of services, which includes packing, unpacking and various storage options. AAWCR has additional locations in Indianapolis, Indiana, Kansas City, Kansas, and Lexington, Kentucky.

AAWCR’s international division is called Sterling International. Sterling International capabilities include the movement of household and personal possessions, in addition to vehicles, antiques, pets and electronics.  


Safeway Moving & Storage’s System: As explained by Ms. Howard, they can guarantee that only one customer’s goods are packed on a truck, if your household items will fill a 53 foot trailer and/or weigh around 20,000 pounds. The only other option would be to pay an extra fee to exclude anyone else’s belongings. The size of the extra fee would depend upon how much of the truck was taken up by your items and the distance of your move. Ms. Howard noted that a large four or five bedroom home usually will fill a 53 foot truck. So while competitors, using smaller vehicles (e.g., 26 footers), very often offer “direct” moves, with only your belongings on a truck, AAWCR, or any of the other well known operators using 53’ trucks, typically cannot. In addition, if your belongings cannot fill a truck, they will not give you a precise delivery date. What they will offer is a delivery window that will vary depending upon the distance involved and the size of your load. The further the move and the smaller your load the broader the delivery window. Said window could be up to 14 days. Consequently, unless you can accept a wide delivery window or have a large load, don’t choose a mover who employs such large trucks. The smaller your load, the more “filler” loads will also be on the truck. All of their drivers and loaders are certified ProMovers and receive intensive classroom and on-the-job training. Their drivers are considered to be “crew supervisors” and they supervise 2-3 man teams of loaders. Each driver and loaders team works together on every assignment they receive. AAWCR does not employ temporary workers. If you are moving a great distance and need help unpacking, they will contract with experienced moving personnel located at your destination.

 Insurance options: Interstate moves allow $6 per pound per item. Additional, optional coverage is available up to a value of about $250,000.

So What Does It Cost?  AAWCR will send one of their estimators to your home to compile an inventory of the items you wish to move. The cost of the move will be a function of the weight of the load and the distance to your new home. AAWCR accepts all major credit cards. Ms. Howard noted that a deposit isn’t required; however, your credit card will be debited once your belongings are loaded on the truck and weighed. The precise cost of your move can only be determined once the goods are weighed. Any prior number is only an estimate.



Cancellation/Reschedule Policy: Provided AAWCR has not incurred any out-of-pocket expenses, there will not be any cancellation fee. Obviously, a week’s notice would be appreciated.

 Customer Feedback and Reviews: Many reviews were found on their website. Many of the reviews were recent and very positive. To wit, the average rating of 41 reviews was exceptional and the oldest was dated October 2011. None were found on or This is atypical for moving companies. Please add your experience by adding comments below.

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