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J.D. Taylor & Sons Capabilities: J.D. Taylor & Sons Movers (“JD Taylor”) is a full service moving and storage company licensed to handle both local and long distance (interstate) moves. They have been in business for more than 30 years. Their local, intrastate, moves are made under the J.D. Taylor Sons & Daughters Movers name, while their interstate moves are consummated under the name of Edward Neutz Sons & Daughters Moving, which is an affiliate of North American Van Lines. As a North American Van Lines affiliate they are members of the North American Movers Association (NAMA) and the American Movers and Storage Association (AMSA), and are certified ProMovers. The Edward Neutz Sons & Daughters Moving website is easily navigated and includes helpful moving tips and an excellent schedule of what you should be doing each week prior to your move beginning with the fourth week from your move date. They also offer a $30 discount for clients older than 62 years of age. Learn more about the ProMover certification at this link.

According to their website,, JD Taylor offers a full range of services, which includes packing, unpacking and various storage options. They own a fleet of trucks, vans and trailers of various sizes and are able to safely move your household goods 365 days a year. Their storage capabilities include a temperature controlled, clean, warehouse, which is completely secure and safe for any of your possessions. Their storage units, which range in size from 200 to 2000 square feet, are available on a daily, weekly or yearly basis. They also offer for sale a variety of storage and packing supplies.

According to the Edward Neutz Moving website they are equiped to handle any kind of move (e.g., local, long distance, etc.) and successfully move any item, whether it’s a piano, a priceless antique, heavy safe or anything else. They also offer an array of services, which are presented on their website The link to these services is here

J.D. Taylor & Sons’ System: For local, intrastate moves, JD Taylor will employ one of their 26 or 27 foot trucks, as it allows for your belongings to be loaded more quickly than if a smaller truck was used. Depending upon the size of your load they may send one of their estimators to your home to precisely assess the size of your load.  For interstate moves, they will always send an experienced estimator to your home to determine the size of your load and the amount of time it will take to load and unload your belongings. For all local moves only your belongings will be loaded on the truck. However, for all interstate moves, they can guarantee that only your household items are packed on the truck, if your household items will fill a 53 foot trailer and/or weigh around 20,000 pounds. The only other option would be to pay a surcharge to exclude anyone else’s belongings. The amount of the surcharge will depend upon how much of the truck was taken up by your items and the distance of your move. So while some competitors, using smaller vehicles (e.g., 26 footers), can offer “direct” moves with only your belongings on a truck, JD Taylor, or any of the other well known operators using 53’ trucks, typically cannot. In addition, if your belongings cannot fill a truck, they will not give you a precise delivery date. What they will offer is a delivery window that will vary depending upon the distance involved and the size of your load. The further the move and the smaller your load the broader the delivery window. Said window could be up to a week or more. Consequently, unless you can accept a wide delivery window, are willing to pay the aforementioned surcharge or have a large load, don’t choose a mover who employs such large trucks. The smaller your load, the more “filler” loads will also be on the truck. All of their drivers and loaders are certified ProMovers and receive intensive classroom and on-the-job training. Their drivers are considered to be “crew chiefs” and they supervise 2-3 man teams of loaders. JD Taylor does not employ temporary workers. If you are moving a great distance and need help unpacking, they will contract with experienced moving personnel located at your destination.

According to their website, JD Taylor will also assign a Relocation Specialist to every move at no additional charge. The specialist will help you plan your move and serve as your primary contact person throughout your entire move. JD Taylor is committed to making every move a success in the eyes of their clients.

Insurance options: Interstate moves allow $6 per pound per item. Additional, optional coverage is available and explained on their website’s FAQs page.


So What Does It Cost?  The cost of local, intrastate moves is regulated by the State of Kentucky and the cost is based solely on the number of hours consumed by your move. The cost of interstate moves will be a function of the weight of the load and the distance to your new home. JD Taylor accepts all major credit cards. In some instances, personal checks will be accepted for local moves.


Customer Feedback and Reviews: There were no testimonials presented on their website. There were no comments on The Edward Neutz Sons & Daughters Moving website offers shows a few testimonials.

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