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Margaret’s Moving Capabilities: Margaret’s is a full service moving and storage operation who is licensed and insured to handle both intra and interstate moves. (The parent company is BAMN Enterprises, LLC) Margaret’s Moving & Storage offers both local and long distance moving, as well as packing/unpacking services. Should you need to temporarily store some or all of your furniture, they can accommodate you by offering a variety of storage environments. When items are placed in storage, Margaret’s employs wood crates (7’x7’x5’), known in the trade as “vaults,” to safely hold your belongings. Margaret’s also offers for sale a wide assortment of boxes and supplies.

Margaret’s Moving & Storage System: A majority of their moves are within Kentucky (intrastate). All such moves involve the use of their own fleet, which includes six 26 foot and one 30 foot box trucks. Since their truck(s) will be transporting only your goods, they can estimate a delivery date with confidence, assuming no unexpected weather events.

Should you need to make a move outside of Kentucky (interstate), Margaret’s employs trucks owned by Penske, and only loads one customer’s goods on a truck. There’s no piggy backing of multiple loads on a single truck. Many of the larger moving companies seek to fill each truck to the maximum, by loading one or more customer’s goods on the same truck. While this strategy maximizes the utilization of the mover’s vehicles, it will also likely result in a delay in the delivery of your furniture. Margaret’s Moving gives you a delivery window of a few days, depending on the distance involved and the weather conditions. If you need a guaranteed delivery date, there is an additional charge.

Margaret’s prides itself on being the only AMSA certified office in the state of Kentucky. Margaret’s is always seeking to improve the quality of their performance and thereby remain a first rate mover. In this regard, Margaret’s has an established AMSA certified Packer/Loader program that was developed and is offered through the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA). Margaret’s packers and loaders are required to achieve this certification, which according to the AMSA substantially reduces claims for damage and injury. Two of Margaret’s employees are also AMSA certified “office & Industrial” consultants.

Insurance options: A minimal amount of insurance is provided without charge. More substantial, optional coverage is also available. (Please note that the standard free coverage is $.60 per pound per item.)

So What Does It Cost? The cost of all intrastate moves is based upon an hourly rate. The weekday hourly rate for three men is $84 and $126 per hour on Saturdays and Sundays. Adding a fourth man raises the weekday cost to $112 and the weekend rate to $168 per hour. Should you wish to have Margaret’s handle the packing of your possessions, these same rates apply.

Free estimates are offered and involve the client providing some basic customer information and completing the itemized inventory input sheet found on their website. Based upon the size of the move, Margaret’s may also have an estimator visit your home to finalize and confirm the inventory of items to be moved.

The cost of interstate moves is based upon a combination of the labor hours to load and unload the items and a travel charge based upon the distance and time involved. Estimates are provided, as described above.

Cancellation/reschedule Policy:

Provided the customer provides 24 hours advance notice, a move can be canceled without charge. However, if the notice is given in less than 24 hours the fee is $100.

Customer Feedback & Reviews:

The “Guestbook” section of Margaret’s website shows some of favorable testimonials they have received. Since I didn’t see any negative comments, I’m not so sure this is truly an unbiased feedback source.

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If you have employed Margaret’s Moving & Storage in any capacity, please provide your feedback.

Useful Links Regarding KY Regulations on Intrastate Moves:

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