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Since you last moved, there are some new options to consider when choosing a vendor to transport your possessions to your new home. One of them is named Mango Moving. Mango Moving is a transportation company licensed and insured with the US Department of Transportation. They operate under two motor carrier numbers, which are MC737913 and MC710933-B.

Mango Moving’s capabilities: Mango Moving’s exclusive focus is on interstate moves of more than 100 miles. Their prices include the cost of the labor to load and unload the truck. They can also provide labor to help you pack and unpack your possessions and provide boxes and other kinds of moving supplies. They don’t offer storage capabilities, but will recommend, should you choose to go with a storage container moving system. (PODS recommends Mango Moving, among others, if you need packing and unloading help.) Visit this site for more info.

The Mango Moving system: Mango Moving acts as the coordinator for your move and every customer is assigned a moving consultant to guide you through the process. While Mango Moving doesn’t own any vehicles, they have vetted “move partners” who actually have the trucks and labor to accomplish each move. Mango Moving works with experienced, professional moving partners across the country. Each such partner is rigorously pre-screened and evaluated after each move, based upon a customer feedback quality survey. The trucks are 53 feet long, 9 feet high and 8 feet wide. 26 foot trucks are also used in some instances.

The Mango Moving Guarantee: They guarantee the best price. In addition, all moves within the lower 48 states are guaranteed to occur within 2 to 10 days of pickup. They don’t guarantee a specific delivery date, but only a window of 2-10 days. If you need a specific delivery date, there will be a surcharge. Since their drivers average 400 miles a day, it’s unlikely the 10 day window will be exceeded, even for a cross country move. If the 10 day window isn’t met, they will offer some type of gift card or other favor.

Insurance options: A minimal amount of insurance is provided without charge (i.e., $.60 per pound per item.) More substantial, optional coverage is also available.

So what does it cost? To receive a free estimate of the cost of your move, you need to either visit their website or call their toll free number. The cost of your move is based upon the amount of space on the truck that will be consumed by your possessions and the distance involved. Weight isn’t a factor.  Mango Moving estimates the percentage of a truck that will be consumed by your possessions, by asking you to create an inventory of every item you wish to move that wouldn’t normally be placed in a box. They provide an Excel spreadsheet to guide you through this process. They initially estimate the number of boxes that will be needed, based upon the number of rooms in your existing home. Ten days before the move date, they will call and ask for a more exact number of boxes, to ensure their initial estimate is still accurate. They will also check to see if the inventory list has changed, as oftentimes items are sold before a move.

Mango Moving accepts most credit cards. Your card will be debited the full amount of the final quote, 48 hours prior to the date of your move. The cost of any boxes and/or packing supplies you purchase from them is non-refundable, so it would be smart to obtain your boxes locally.

Cancellation/reschedule policy: You may cancel your move with no fees, penalties, or charges if you notify them in writing at least six business days prior to the scheduled move date. Cancellations requested within five business days before the scheduled move will incur a non-refundable $450 cancellation fee. You will not be charged for your first requested rescheduling, as long as that request is delivered at least six business days prior to the scheduled move date. If you need subsequent rescheduling, or if you need to reschedule within five business days of the scheduled move, a non-refundable $100 rescheduling fee will be charged.

Protest Yourself by Always Conducting Due Diligence on Your Interstate Mover: Always check the following links to ensure your interstate carrier is licensed and registered with USDOT.   and

Customer feedback & reviews:

The following link to a website called Measured Up How do you rate? Provides interesting feedback from customers of Mango Moving.

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