St. Matthews

Typical Cozy Home in St Matthews

The area now known as St Matthews was first settled by Colonel John Floyd in 1779. Colonel Floyd, who had conducted one of the first surveys of Louisville in 1774, acquired 2,000 acres of land from participants in the French and Indian Wars. His homestead came to be known as Floyd’s Station. In the 1840’s, the community, which was centered around the present day intersection of Breckenridge Lane and Shelbyville Road, was known as Gilman’s point, after a local tavern owner Daniel Gilman. The name of St Matthews was adopted around 1850, after the St Matthews Episcopal Church, which still exists. The town was incorporated as a city in 1950.


The City of St Matthews occupies a land mass of 4.31 square miles and consists of single family homes, apartments and shopping districts. The neighborhoods are popular with the old and young alike, due to the wide variety and large number of restaurants, shops, parks and entertainment spots. Most neighborhoods were built in the 1940s after the Ohio River flood of 1937, when many residents of downtown Louisville sought the higher ground offered by St Matthews. The city is blessed with many very old trees that give it a special character and warmth. The homes have a variety of architectural styles and are generally well maintained. Very few “McMansions,” as the neighborhoods are all well established.


There are three small parks (Bowling, St Matthews and Brown) and one huge park (Seneca), either within or contiguous with the city’s boundaries. The community is served by three hospitals: Baptist East, Jewish Hospital and Suburban Women’s Pavilion. There is one large shopping mall named Mall St Matthews and another just outside the city’s boundary (Oxmoor Center).


Per the 2010 Census Bureau, St Matthews’ median household income is $44,921, compared with $45,352 for all of Jefferson County. In 2010 the population was 17,472, or 10.2% higher than in 2000. This population breaks down as follows: Under 18 (18.2%), Over 64 (15.4%). Also 46.2% held a bachelors degree or higher. The average homeownership rate over the 2006-2010 periods was 54.5%. (Note: All of this data, other than the population numbers, were based upon the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey of 5 year estimates, which are updated annually. For example, the income and home ownership rates were based upon averages over the 2006-2010 periods.)

Seneca Park

This 531 acre park offers a public 18 hole golf course, 4 ball fields, 10 tennis courts, 2 basketball courts, a 1.2 mile walking path and a 3.1 mile cross-country trail. In addition there are soccer fields, playground, horseback riding trails and roads with bicycle lanes that connect with a second 389 acre park named Cherokee Park. Cherokee was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, who also designed New York City’s Central Park. Simply stated, this is an awesome destination.

Rick’s Favorites
Quest Outdoors
Baptist East/Milestone Wellness Center
Lotsa Pasta
Whole Foods
Natural Kneads
Paul’s Fruit Market
Seneca and Brown Parks
Also, just west of town is Frankfort Avenue and Volare Ristorante.

Attention Downsizers

St Matthews should be considered as a very good choice for persons wishing to downsize their home. This community offers a wide assortment of smaller dwellings. Additionally, the easy access to a wide assortment of amenities makes this city a popular place to live.