Moving Company Certifications: What are the AMSA and the ProMover certification?

As a realtor, I am occasionally asked to recommend a moving company. Since I haven’t moved in quite some time, I can only recommend the one or two local movers that I’ve employed in the past. It has been a while, however, and since employees come and go with increasing frequency, I really don’t know […]

Moving Company Reviews: Able Moving & Storage Louisville, KY dba All My Sons Moving & Storage

  All My Sons Moving & Storage’s Capabilities: AMSM&S is a full service moving and storage operation based in Dallas, Texas. All My Sons has more than 55 affiliates spread across the country. Each affiliate is either a franchisee or part of a partnership. One such affiliate is Able Moving & Storage of Louisville, Inc. […]

Moving Company Reviews: So what’s Mango Moving?

  Since you last moved, there are some new options to consider when choosing a vendor to transport your possessions to your new home. One of them is named Mango Moving. Mango Moving is a transportation company licensed and insured with the US Department of Transportation. They operate under two motor carrier numbers, which […]

Moving Company Reviews. So what’s PODS?

  Since you last moved there are some new options to consider when choosing a vendor to transport your belongings to your new home. One of them is named PODS. PODS’ capabilities: PODS offers both moving and storage capabilities, just like a conventional moving company. They also sell boxes and other kinds of moving […]

FHA Insured Mortgages & Minimum Habitability Standards

  Today’s Mortgage Market and How It Has Changed Currently, home buyers have far fewer types of mortgage products from which to choose, as compared to just two or three years ago. This reduction in choice is reflective of the increased federal regulations, which occurred soon after the subprime bust and the collapse of the […]

Tips On How Downsize Your Possessions.

Moving to a smaller home?  Here’s how to downsize your possessions and avoid having to make hasty, last minute decisions about what goes and what doesn’t.   Just about everyone will eventually need to move into a smaller home. While it may seem easy, it isn’t. If you’re like everyone else, you’ve accumulated all kinds […]