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Welcome to my website and blog! As both a long time resident of Louisville and a full time Realtor for the past 17 years, I decided to share my knowledge to help you avoid the many pitfalls involved with real estate purchases and sales. Having lived in a condominium with my wife and pets (3 small dogs) for the past 22 years, I decided to focus on writing about smaller homes and the process of downsizing. My goal is to provide free, valuable information to buyers and sellers and share what I’ve learned about every aspect of the processes involved in buying and selling.

Here are a few testimonials.

Rick has provided me with all the info that I have ever wanted re: listed home. And, believe me, he has done his part to try to find me the correct home. I have a very particular area that I am interested in.  What is especially valuable is the “analysis” of the property that Rick provides. He has always made me feel confident about my offer on a home because it can be substantiated by his acquired details regarding the value of the home offered. I have always been able to view a home ASAP when possible. Rick provides GREAT SERVICE!!!  Margaret Catlett, Louisville, KY

Rick’s perseverance and expertise allowed my short sale transaction to finally close, after many difficult moments. I would unquestionably recommend Rick to any of my friends and family needing to buy or sell real estate. Bill Branch, Louisville, KY

After describing my dream condo to Rick, he found it in about two weeks! Rick was very thorough, yet didn’t run me ragged looking at places that didn’t satisfy all my needs. I’d recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone looking to buy or sell. He’s a real pro! Cheryl Gentry LMT Louisville, KY

We just wanted to say thank you for helping us find our condo. Thank you so much for taking us to lots of different places and taking the time to guide us through every process. You made the process for us first time home buyers a very enjoyable experience. We’ve been living here for a little over a month now and we really love it! We really like the people here and it is starting to feel like home.  The booklet we’ve included is from the Seminary and please use the Applebees giftcard to take your wife out on a date.:0) Nick & Victoria Atkins Louisville, KY

Rick has been an absolute godsend to me. I came back to Louisville after a divorce in 2014 and needed a place to live for the first time. In one day he found me a beautiful condo. And when I needed to sell it 3 years later, he also found a buyer in one showing! He is a consummate professional and remains a good friend and a Realtor we will be using again. Valencia Najfus Louisville, KY.

First let me start out by saying, buying a home for the first time can be very stressful. But when you have a Realtor like Rick Schmidt fighting in your corner it makes the process a whole lot easier. Rick is very professional, courteous, knowledgeable and was a pleasure to work with. Of course we had a ton of questions and he was there to answer each one of them. Rick was there 100% from start to finish, everything from calling the banks a couple of times to being an hour early at closing to tell us how it was all going to work. Thanks for selling us our first home. Rick comes highly recommended. Rick & Theresa Ditch

I chose Rick as my realtor in April of 2016 and looking back I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Every step of the house buying process was gone through with ease with Rick at the helm. He explained every thing thoroughly and gave you his honest opinion as he inspected every inch of the house.  There’s never an inconvenient time to call Rick with questions as no matter how early or late at night he would answer the phone within two rings. When it came down to negotiating a price with the seller he laid out several options without ever overstepping boundaries, and did everything as promptly as he could. In an age where new technologies make finding a house almost seamless, there is no one else i could recommend higher to walk you through the whole process than Rick. Donald Farris

Rick is a pro, he handled everything from listing the house to helping us find someone to fix some windows. Rick goes above and beyond to make sure that his clients receive superior service. Matt Duncan

Rick has sold two of my houses and helped me buy two homes over the course of almost 10 years. He is tireless in his work ethic and did a great job both times that we worked with him to chase down all of the loose ends to make sure that the deals went through. One of the sales was a difficult  situation with my bank and the buyer’s bank, and Rick stayed on top of the situation to make sure we didn’t lose the sale. He is very knowledgeable about the Louisville area and what initially drew me to him as a broker was his systematic way of looking at pricing and comparable homes. That along with an ethical business view gave me a lot of confidence in his services. Brian Scyphers

Rick is truly a class act. He was extremely honest, diligent and persistent in selling our condo, and then made for a seamless transaction in securing our new home as well. He works lightning fast and responds to our questions in minutes, sometimes seconds; exactly what you want in a realtor when looking for your forever home. My husband and I would never even consider using anyone else for buying or selling a home. You can’t get any better. Bethany Troklus

Rick Schmidt was a tremendous help to us. He worked with us so that we could make the best deal possible. When it came time to sign the paperwork, he walked us through each step and explained each step so that it was easy to understand. If we were to purchase another home, we would deal on with  Rick. Catherine Sweeney

I was trying to sell my home without being successful and at the recommendation of a family member I reached out to Rick. Rick was very professional and made suggestions to me that would ensure that my home would sell in a short time. He worked tirelessly to market the house, scheduled multiple open houses for potential buyers and was in constant contact with me regarding the status. He was able to find a buyer in short order at a price that was acceptable to me. I would not hesitate to recommend him to others that are in the market for selling or buying a home. Corden Porter-Louisville

I would like to tell about my very pleasant experience with Rick Schmidt. I had the pleasure of meeting Rick in 2010. I was driving through his neighborhood looking for for sale signs. As I was slowly driving through, Rick just drove up to the front of his garage. As I got closer to where he was, he came over to my side of the car and ask if I was looking for someone. I told him no, just looking for homes that might be for sale. At that time, Rick introduced himself and said he was a real estate agent, could he help me? I said, sure. Rick got on the phone right away and within a few minutes he and I were on our way to see a home in his neighborhood. It was a very nice home and the people living there were very friendly and answered all of our questions. From that time forward, Rick and I went to see a lot of homes. I would spend time finding what might be of interest to me on my PC. I would then send the information to Rick, who would then do a lot more research on the home. Based on what he knew I was looking for, he would give me a call and tell me if this was the home for me. If it wasn’t, he would explain to me the reasons why. If we did go to see a home, Rick would always come to my home and pick me up and take me to the location. As time went by, I made the decision to stay in my home. After that decision, Rick and I lost contact with each other. I volunteer at the Louisville Airport at the information booth every Friday afternoon. And so it happened many years later that Rick, who was coming home from a trip to Europe, stopped at the information booth to pick up some brochures on Louisville. I was there to help him. So, Rick and I picked up where we left off about 3 years earlier. I was again looking for a new home. Things went the same way as the first time. I would find the home I thought I wanted to see, and Rick would make sure it met my needs. In late March or early April, Rick and I were again looking for just the right home and we found it. From then on, Rick took care of everything. He helped me with filling out all the paperwork, etc. I knew I had nothing to be concerned about. Rick made sure that everything was in order. He went back to the home with me for the inspection and came back with me afterwards for make sure that everything was done that needed to be fixed. Everything went very well. I moved into my new home on July 3rd and I am happy here. I would tell anybody who wants to buy or sell a home to call Rick. I few week after I moved into my home, I found a minor flaw by the front door. Naturally, I called Rick. He knew just the person I needed to call and gave me the name and phone number. The matter is taken care off. I knew Rick would be the one to call, as he always makes sure that things will get done. Sincerely, Ursula Lattis, Louisville, KY

Please call, text or email me with any questions you may have about real estate. Should you wish to sell or buy a new home let me know and I’ll work very hard to meet your goals! 502.807.4999, rick@homeslouisvilleky.com

Thank you for visiting my website!