Anchorage, Kentucky

The Superb Anchorage School

Incorporated in 1878, Anchorage is named after the retirement home of James Goslee, who was a riverboat captain. One early landowner Edward Dorsey Hobbs, a business owner and surveyor, was responsible for some of the earlier maps of Louisville and Anchorage. The town has a park-like feel with many trees and small streams. To preserve its rural character, an Anchorage Historic District was created. In 1982, Anchorage received an entry in the National Register of Historic Places.


Anchorage has a very rural feel with numerous multi-acre lots and narrow, tree-lined roads. The town features a horse boarding facility, Pine Hill Stable, and numerous riding trails, which are maintained through an annual fundraiser and donations. There is also a trail for bicycles and joggers. Most of the homes are older and represent a variety of architectural styles. The town is committed to preserving its trees. In this regard, there is a Forestry Board overseeing a bi-annual tree planting program and a tree ordinance and permitting process as well.


The town center consists of a town hall, fire/EMS/police department, post office, bank, and a few commercial businesses located in former single family homes. There is an award winning independent elementary and junior high school known as the Anchorage Public School. The town is also home to the Owl Creek Country Club, which is a private nine hole course, and four churches. Shopping and restaurants are all nearby, as is the E.P. Sawyer State Park and access to an interstate highway.

Community Organizations

Anchorage residents keep busy by volunteering in one or more of the following clubs or city boards: Anchorage Alumni Community for Education, Historic Preservation Commission, Anchorage Children’s Theatre, Bellewood Presbyterian Home for Children, Civic Club, Forestry Board, Anchorage Trails, Anchorage Garden Club, Anchorage Emergency Preparedness Committee, Anchorage PTA, Owl Creek Garden Club, Mummers and Minstrels and Audio Studio for the Reading Impaired.

Anchorage Public School

The school is a big draw for parents with young children. It’s an independent school financed by the community and adds about 1.0% to each resident’s tax bill. The school is widely recognized as one of the top independent school districts in Kentucky. It attributes its success to a very high level of parental involvement, a sophisticated learning environment and teachers, administrators, staff and volunteers who set high expectations.


Per the 2010 Census Bureau report, Anchorage’s median household income was $93,389 versus $45,352 for Jefferson County, Kentucky. The 2010 population was 2,348, with 33.2% being under 18 years of age and 11.2% over 64. Anchorage covers an area of 2.96 square miles.

The “Disadvantages” of Anchorage

  • The tax rate per $100 of assessed value is 1.047 higher than for Jefferson County, due to the school and ambulance districts.
  • Some of the homes are serviced by septic systems rather than sewers.
  • A train runs through the town, which can cause delays.

Attention Downsizers

Anchorage is not a strong candidate for persons wishing to downsize their home. In general, the homes are large and the lots are as well. However, if you want a wooded community with lots of privacy, and the initial and ongoing costs are of secondary importance, Anchorage might be a good choice.