Landlords, Tenants & Methamphetamine

Small/narrow home in Amsterdam

Within the last 6 months, I listed and sold an upscale property that had been a “Meth” house. In other words, the owner had created methamphetamine in the home. Before it could be listed, the home had to be decontaminated by a state certified contractor. The home was rated to have sustained a Tier 1 level of contamination, which is the lowest of 4 tiers. The cost to clean up the home was more than $3,000, which was significantly less than if it had been a Tier 4 level of contamination.


Landlords need to be extremely vigilant when choosing tenants, since the economic cost to eliminate the contamination can run into the tens of thousands of dollars. This problem is especially acute in Kentucky, based upon what I’ve read and heard on television. My comments are offered as a simple warning of what can go wrong with your rental home. Good luck and remain cautious. @homeslouky

Photo courtesy of and Cha Gia Jose Photostream

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