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Since you last moved there are some new options to consider when choosing a vendor to transport your belongings to your new home. One of them is named PODS.

PODS’ capabilities: PODS offers both moving and storage capabilities, just like a conventional moving company. They also sell boxes and other kinds of moving supplies.

 The PODS system: Their system is very simple. You tell them what size container(s) you need, when it’s needed and provide a delivery address. PODS delivers the container(s) and any moving supplies that you have ordered. After you fill the container with your belongings, you call PODS, if you didn’t already establish a pickup date, and they retrieve and deliver it to your new address or designated storage location, which could be a PODS storage facility. After the container is moved to your new location, you can opt to have some of your property stored at a local PODS storage facility. Arrangements to accomplish this, however, should be made up front. The PODS trucks have special hydraulic lift systems that are designed to minimize any shifting of the container’s contents.

PODS containers: They offer three sizes:

        1.        7 foot container: 7’x7’x8′, typically holds 1 room*

       2.      12 foot container: 12’x8’x8′, typically holds 2-3 rooms*

       3.       16 foot container: 16’x8’x8′, typically holds 3-4 rooms

(*)Not available for moves of more than 50 miles, which require a 16’ container.

Each container has aluminum skin panels and a steel frame. The roof is made of a durable translucent polymer material, which allows some sunlight to filter through and thereby illuminate the workspace. The rollup door is made of lightweight steel and may be secured with a padlock. The container is weather-resistant and not water proof. If you need multiple containers, but have space for only one at a time, PODS will stagger their container deliveries. PODS will deliver a container, provided the location is level and has a clearance of 12 feet in width and 15 feet in height. A paved surface is preferred, but may not be required. Difficult deliveries may involve an additional charge.

 Insurance options: If your homeowners policy doesn’t cover items in transit or in storage outside of your home, PODS offers coverage, based upon its value. The website asks whether you want such coverage.  PODS also offers coverage to protect you from any liability in the event the container is damaged while it’s in your possession.

So what does it cost? To receive a free estimate of the cost to move from point A to point B, you need to either visit the PODS’ website or call their toll free number. PODS accepts most credit cards and some locations may accept cash or a personal check. PODS’ billing cycle runs in full monthly increments beginning on the date the container is delivered.

For “local orders,” which are defined as being a move of less than 50 miles, your credit card will be debited for the initial delivery fee and one month of storage up to a day in advance of delivery. All other fees are charged up to a day in advance of a scheduled move. If you need the container for more than one month, all subsequent monthly fees will be charged to your credit card on the anniversary date that the container was delivered.

When you move 50 miles or more it’s classified as a long distance move. You are charged 5 business days prior to the initial delivery of your container for the 1st month of storage, all delivery fees and taxes. 5 business days before your container is scheduled for shipment, you will be billed the remaining balance.

Examples of specific moves and the quoted costs:

1. A “local” move from Louisville to Lexington, Kentucky

  • ·        Cost of a 16’ container for 30 days = $155. (12 footer was $140.)
  • ·        Delivery of empty container = $70.
  • ·        Cost to pick up the empty container = $753.
  • ·        Total cost including tax = $978.

2. A “long distance” move from Louisville, Kentucky to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

  • ·        Cost of a 16’ container for 30 days = $535 (which includes delivery and $100 for contents insurance)
  • ·        Cost to pick up the empty container = $1388
  • ·        Total cost including tax = $1,923.


Customer feedback & reviews:

 The following link to a website called “Measured Up How do you rate?” provides interesting feedback from customers of PODS.

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