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Extra Space Storage: Extra Space Storage Inc (NYSE: EXR) is a real estate investment trust based in Salt Lake City, Utah. EXR is the second largest operator of self storage in the U.S., and is a national owner, developer, acquirer and operator of professionally managed self-storage properties. EXR wholly owns or has a partial ownership interest in more than 800 self storage facilities in 35 states. There are 7 locations in Louisville. Their website is very useful and easily navigated.


Storage Unit Sizes & Features: A review of their Louisville website reveals a broad range of storage options. One of their least expensive options is an uncovered gravel parking space for your RV or camper. A second option is a “drive-up” unit, which is similar to a garage with a cement floor, a metal roll up door and a ceiling height of at least nine feet. Some of these units are equipped with an optional air conditioning and/or heating system to ensure the inside temperature stays within a reasonable range. A final option is an indoor unit, which can only be accessed through a regular door that leads to a hallway with storage units on either side. Some of these units feature climate controlled environments. Here is a link which more fully describes each of these different units.

Each storage unit is categorized as either a small, medium, large or extra large unit. The small and medium sized units range in size from 3’x5’ to 10’x15’. The large and extra large units range in size from 10×20 to 20’x50’.  Please understand that every size is not always available. You will need to call the specific location to confirm availability. All of the Louisville locations offer some temperature controlled units, while five can accommodate RVs, motorcycles, automobiles and boats. Each location sells boxes, storage supplies, locks and door alarms.


Security: Each facility is fenced and well lit. Each entrance is controlled by an electronic gate, which is activated via a unique PIN number assigned to each tenant. Also, while every location has a site specific manager, five of the Louisville locations have on site managers who actually live on the premises. EXR requires the tenant to either acquire insurance from them or else show proof of coverage via a homeowner’s insurance policy. The minimum insurance option costs approximately $9.00 per month, per the website.


Lease terms: Each unit is rented on a month-to-month basis. Payments are due each month on the anniversary of your rental start date. Pre-payment options are available and the 13th month is free, if you pay in advance for the first year. If you leave prior to your next anniversary date, that month’s rent will be pro-rated based upon the number of days you occupied the unit.


Pricing: Varies by location, size of unit and other features. Storage unit features which often involve additional charges include (1) an ability to drive up, (2) first floor units, (3) climate controlled space, (4) heat or a/c only, (5) dehumidifiers, (6) insurance. All of the prices for available units are on-line and oftentimes there is a discount offered for reserving your unit on-line. A review of their website shows monthly prices starting at $21. Keep in mind that the initial monthly rate is not guaranteed to remain the same during your leasehold. Rental rates do periodically increase to reflect market conditions. Also, some locations offer military discounts.


Payment: EXR accepts all major credit cards. Payments may be made in person, on-line, via regular mail or through automatic withdrawals from your bank. You can schedule automatic emails reminding you of your next payment from their website.


Cancellations: EXR requires either a verbal or written notification two or 15 days prior to the desired cancellation date, respectively. The storage unit must be completely empty, when the facility manager conducts his inspection with the tenant.


Customer Reviews: There are some reviews on their website. Here’s the link.

I also found some complaints on Here’s the link.

Please feel free to share your thoughts, if you have had some dealings with them.

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