Want a $100 Market Analysis of Your Home For Free?

Why a Market Analysis is needed.

You need to be sure you have enough equity to close without needing to bring cash to the closing. Until the financial crisis of 2007-2009, Louisville real estate generally appreciated at about 3 percent annually. The financial crisis caused values to decline, as there were many job losses, which resulted in foreclosures and short sales. Beginning in 2015, the market has greatly strengthened and values have risen considerably. The precise increase, however, depends upon the location and condition of your home. A correctly calculated market analysis will help you understand what your home is actually worth today.


Why ask me to perform a free market analysis, which represents a $100 value?

Experience: I perform in excess of 100 market analyses each year for clients and banks.

Accuracy: My analyses are based upon a methodology and metrics employed by appraisers.

Cost: I offer these analyses for free with the hope that when you decide to list your home, you will contact me. If you never decide to move, referrals are greatly appreciated.


Not all market analyses are created equal, so be sure the methodology is correct. My analyses are based upon the following.

1. Three or four sold comparables with the following characteristics.

a. Identical style to subject property (e.g., ranches, 1.5 story, 2-story, multi-levels, etc.).

b. Similar above ground square footage (+/- 15% or so.)

c. Sold dates within 6 months, if possible.

d. Preferably within a 2.0 mile radius. (Rural areas may employ up to a 10 mile radius.)


2. Examination of the competition.

a. Which homes with the same style are listed within a 2.0 mile radius?

b. Similar above ground square footage (+/- 15%).

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